“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future. “

I am celebrating Children’s Day with you kids ,thou it was on 20th but its never too late…:) Being a child is super special.So enjoy your childhood and ask your mommies to make this chocolaty treat for you and do not forget to help her…


Milk/ cooking chocolate1 cup chopped
Peanut Butter2 tbsp
Cornflakes (i have used two different types)3 1/2 cups


  • Melt chocolate ,butter and honey in a pan, ask you mums to do this for you. (you can replace peanut butter with normal butter or almond butter)
  • Now remove pan from stove and with light hands mix cornflakes in chocolate .
  • Pour spoon full in muffin cases and garnish with sprinkles or any  thing of your choice.
  • Let it set for few minutes and enjoy…:)
IMG_1344downIMG_1352down left


IMG_2462I am sure you will like this easy recipe. Make them in a bulk and store in any air tight container, these are easiest cookies with few ingredients..


Egg whites2
All purpose flour2 tbsp
Sugar 1/2 cup
Coconut flakes /dessicated coconut 1 1/2 cups
Vanilla essence1/4 tsp


  • Preheat oven and line a backing tray with butter paper.
  • In a small bowl mix coconut, flour, sugar and salt.
  • In a separate bowl with electric mixer beat white till peaks form.
  • With light hands fold dry ingredients in egg whites and vanilla essence, place a spoon full mixture on backing sheet .
  • Bake till light brown and then let it  completely cool then transfer on rack.



I saw these cute cupcakes on Pinterest  few days ago and fully inspired by the idea, I found it very easy and interesting. Cupcakes recipe is the same I have mentioned before but I will explain the method for strawberries centers…:)


Strawberriesas needed
Cooking chocolatefor topping and garnishing.


  • Check my recipe of “rich chocolate cupcakes”.I made cupcakes from the same recipe. For recipe click here: RICH CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES
  • After baking let cupcakes cool down and then with a spoon, scoop middle of cupcake and fit in washed strawberry (remove green leafy part also).
  • cover the surface from melted chocolate or chocolate ganache and garnish with chocolate curls or shaves.
  • Let chocolate cool and then serve.
  • Enjoy chocolaty strawberry center cupcakes…:)

I tell you, there are a great line of women stretching
behind you into the past, and you have to seek them
out and find them in yourself and be conscious of them.

Doris Lessing

Happy Women’s Day to all … Today there is no field where the women have not shown their worth. From holding highest public office in bureaucracy to holding highest political position, the women have shouldered all kinds of responsibilities with grand success. A lot of change has taken place, in their position in this man dominated society.

Today my recipe is a small wishing treat to all my friends. This is a recipe from my favorite book, “DIVINE CHOCOLATE” its a very simple and easy recipe and those who are chocolate lovers (like me) will like this richy chocolaty cupcake recipe….:)


Chocolate,broken1 cup
Butter3/4 cup
Sugar1 cup
Vanilla essencefew drops
Plain flour1 cup and 2 tbsp
Milk1/2 cup
Baking powder1 tsp
Baking soda1/2 tsp


  • Melt the chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a simmering water.
  • Beat together the butter and sugar with electric beater till creamy texture achieve now add eggs and again beat, then add melted chocolate and vanilla essence and beat well.
  • Add half flour n beat then add milk and after mixing again add flour, beat until combined.
  • Preheat oven and after pouring mixture in cupcakes/muffins tray bake it for 20-25 minutes at 180c.



Chocolate1 cup
Butter1 cup
Cream6 tbsp


  • Melt the chocolate , add 75gms butter and 4 tbsp cream and stir to combine.
  • Either pour over straight away while runny or cool and spread over the cupcakes.
  • Can use white chocolate also.
  • Decorate with sprinkles or fondant flowers…


I saw a recipe of chocolate cupcake somewhere and liked the idea. But when I started to make them , I added Oreo for a change.. and the end product was too good. Enjoy this super easy recipe..


Cooking Chocolate (chopped) 1 cup
Oreo Biscuits 7-8
Cupcake Cases 7-8


  • In a microwave safe bowl  put chocolate and melt it for 1 minutes.
  • Then take it out and mix with spoon.
  • Put the bowl back in microwave and check if it melts then stop this process.
  • Pour a spoonful of chocolate in muffin case, place Oreo  and then again pour chocolate.
  • Keep these prepared cases in muffin tray and let them set. You can keep tray in fridge as well if you are in a hurry..:).
  • Carefully remove cases and serve, you can store them in air tight jar for a week.


Naan khatai is a very famous cookie. I saw my mother making these when I was a small kid. The taste of naan khatai is very different from other cookies. You can say OLD IS GOLD….because our nanis and dadis used to make these in stove oven.


Meida 3 cups
Suji 1 cup
Ghee 1.5 cup
Sugar (grind it) 1 cup
Baking Powder 2 tsp
Egg White (for brushing) as desired


  • Keep ghee in fridge till its hard.
  • Then mix sugar in it with hand or plastic spoon until its creamy.
  • Now add meida, suji, backing powder and illaichi powder in it. Knead it well and make dough.
  • Grease baking tray, make small balls and place them on tray and flattened them with palm.
  • Now brush egg on top and place it in oven for 15-20 mins at 180c.

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This is basic muffin recipe I saw on Masala TV. Chef Mehdi, a bakery chef baked these,  I found them very delicious. I got a chance to meet him in Karachi Cantt and I was touched with his humble gesture. He gave me few of his good recipes which I will share with you on this website  soon.


eggs   2

butter  125g

sugar  1 cup   grinned

flour     1 cup

baking powder     1 tsp

baking soda    1/4tsp

coco powder     2 tbsp

orange juice     1/2 cup


first sieve flour ,baking powder,baking soda and cocoa powder and set aside.

In a bowl add melted butter and sugar now with beater mix well ,add egg one by one ,now add flour mix well then orange juice ,mix all well in a muffin tray place muffin cases and pour batter in it ,bake for 20 min at 180c .



Again basic recipe of vanilla muffin ,you can make marble muffin and butter icing muffins with this recipe .Thou i like chocolate muffins  and my husband do not like chocolate so what i usually do normally ,make vanilla muffins and for myself top them with chocolate topping…

meida/flour   2 cups
eggs   1
sugar   1 cup
butter  1/2 cup melted butter
backing powder   2 tsp
vanilla essence   1 tsp

milk  1/2 cup

In a large bowl add sugar and butter ,beat till creamy now add egg and beat well add sieved flour and backing powder.Mix with wooden spoon and then add essence  , pour mixture in muffin tray and bake for 20 mins at 180c…..i served with chocolate icing… can also use simple icing as well… combine icing sugar 1/2 cup n cinnamon powder  sprinkle on hot muffins….enjoy with evening tea.


Chocolate chip cookies are all age favorites , these chocolate studded cookies are crispy and chewy my husband like to eat these with hot cup of tea in the evening and I prefer to have them with my cup of steaming hot espresso 🙂


meida /flour   2 and 3/4 cups

butter    1  and 1/4 cups

brown sugar    1  and 3/4  cups

granulated sugar    1/4 cup

backing powder    1 tsp

backing soda      1 tsp

eggs     2

chocolate chips    1.5 cups

vanilla essence    1 tsp


In a big bowl beat butter,brown sugar and granulated sugar mix well until creamy n fluffy.Now stiff meida,baking powder,baking soda  ,start adding flour in the butter mixture on low speed ,

Stir in chocolate chip n cover with wrap ,keep in fridge for 2-3 hrs then make small balls n flattened with palm .

Keep in pre heated oven for 10-15 mins until golden color appear….


Sounds different, isn’t it? I like them a lot because of nutty glaze. These small moist and soft little cakes can be a perfect party snack.  Try is must.


flour  1 cup

sugar  3/4 cup(grinned)

butter    125 g

egg  1

baking powder   1tsp

soda bi carb   1/4 tsp

orange juice   1/2 cup


unsalted butter  1/2 cup

honey  1/3 cup

brown sugar   2/3 cup

mixed nuts, coarsely chopped  1 cup


In a large bowl  mix butter and sugar beat until creamy now add egg beat it then mix in flour ,soda n baking powder. Mix well, in the end add juice. Now fill in molds and bake them for 20mins at 180 c….


In a pan add butter, honey, brown sugar let them melt as soon the mixture is smooth n thick add all nuts now quickly spread spoon ful on top of each muffin….. set a side on cake rack …enjoy with tea ..:)


Think what a better world it would be if we all, the whole world, had almond cookies and milk about three o’clock every afternoon and then lay down on our blankets for a nap.what to you think about this saying in winters i always wish to do so…lol.


plain flour    2 cups

castor sugar    1/2 cup

backing powder  1/2 tsp

oil        3/4 cup

crushed almonds     1 .5 cup

vanilla essence     1 tsp

salt   1/4 tsp

egg white     1


Mix almonds, sugar, flour and salt together.

Add vanilla essence. Then gradually add oil into flour while kneading the mixture.

Knead till sugar has mostly melted and mixture does not crumble anymore.

Knead mixture into small round balls and flattened with fork,  place on baking tray.

Glaze top of cookies with beaten egg.

Place in oven for 20 mins at 180c.