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Again basic recipe of vanilla muffin ,you can make marble muffin and butter icing muffins with this recipe .Thou i like chocolate muffins  and my husband do not like chocolate so what i usually do normally ,make vanilla muffins and for myself top them with chocolate topping…

meida/flour   2 cups
eggs   1
sugar   1 cup
butter  1/2 cup melted butter
backing powder   2 tsp
vanilla essence   1 tsp

milk  1/2 cup

In a large bowl add sugar and butter ,beat till creamy now add egg and beat well add sieved flour and backing powder.Mix with wooden spoon and then add essence  , pour mixture in muffin tray and bake for 20 mins at 180c…..i served with chocolate icing… can also use simple icing as well… combine icing sugar 1/2 cup n cinnamon powder  sprinkle on hot muffins….enjoy with evening tea.

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  1. Tried this recipe exactly as written but was very dissappointed. ..the batter was crumbly…too much gloir mayb…I added one another egg to make it look like a batter but still didnt work..

    1. Palwasha i am surprised to hear that….You can add milk also if you will feel your mixture.I have added milk in my list.This recipe is my tried one dear,by adding milk the consistency of batter you can adjust.

  2. Milk is not mentioned in the ingredient list above but I used 1 extra egg n some milk…after they were baked they were mushy and incompletly cooked. Bt I tasted the top edge slightly and they tasted v good 🙁

    1. Yes Palwashey i have added milk after your message,do not give up try again one more time,inshallah you will succeed.

  3. My question if consistency of batter required than add milk otherwise not if I want to add than how much in quantity

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