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Vanila With Fresh Fruit, Topped With Cherries & Black Currant Crush

Vanila With Fresh Fruit
This recipe is very important for me because i have learned this from an Indian Chef Ashok Kumar Raj, Chef & Hotel Manager Also Hotel Concept to Launch Consultant, at Hospitality Industry, India.
I would like to thank him on my request he disclosed his recipe ,thou i have changed his recipe a bit but believe me this is a super hit summer recipe.


Vanilla ice creamAs needed
Fresh fruits /Cocktail fruitsas needed (grapes, pineapples, mangoes, melon, cherries, black currant)


  • Beat vanilla icecream with fork till soft now pour in a serving dish and cut all seasonal fruits in cubes or you can use cocktail fruits also.Keep them in freezer and when half frozen then take them out.
  • Spread on icecream and ice cream should be very hard now keep this dish again in freezer.
  • Repeat previous step again and  keep in freezer to set then before serving garnish with fruits and cherries and black currant crush.
  • I am sure you will love this delicious recipe…:)
fr02Vanila With Fresh Fruit

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