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cake mTea cake, Yellow cake, Plain cake or pela muraba cake is another famous tea time treat in Pakistan. In villages i saw people serving this cake as a compulsory item with tea. I can not forget the aroma and taste of Doodh Patti chai and cake served at my maid’s house which they cooked on coals.This recipe is very easy and simple adopted from a friend, Rabia Faizan’s page.

m field
Now i am taking you all to my Maid’s village Shakardirah.Villagers are very simple people. My maid gathered her neighbors when we reached her home. She was very excited to introduce us with them.

In the picture below my both sons with My Maid’s kids. (picture is of last year)

m kids

She took me to her small vegetable field next to her house.

m onions

All vegetables are purely organic and home grown. She told me they grow all vegetables of daily use at home.You can see Onion plants in above picture.


m totmato

Fresh Coriander, look at a cute little lady bug 🙂

m dhania

Garlic Bulbs, they kept them in sunlight to dry.

m garlic

Open air kitchen. Still in her area they are waiting our rich government to supply Natural gas to poor people.

m kit m

They cook food here on these stoves.

m kit


m tandor

Look at the simple decoration of room. They decorate rooms with hand made beautiful fans.

m room

All the things in a single room.

m room 2

This is a huge wheat storage container.

m con

She gifted me these GOOGI you can say tikkian made from whole wheat. I will post recipe inshallah.

m gogi



Oil1 cup
Castor sugar1 and 1/4 cup
Flour2 cups
Baking powder1 tbsp
Milk1 cup
Vanilla essencefew drops
Yellow food colorfew drops
MIxed murabas1/4 cup


    • Pre heat oven at 150c and grease cake pan.
    • In a large bowl add oil and sugar , beat well till creamy.
    • Now add eggs one by one and beat well.
    • Chop murabas and mix in flour, now mix flour and baking powder in egg mixture.
    • Add milk and vanilla essence. Mix and pour few drops of yellow food color.
    • Pour in pan and bake in oven for 25-30 minutes at 180c.

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