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IMG_2006Shaker Parian is one of the most popular places and old picnic point in Islamabad. It is situated in Islamabad near Zero point. I visited this place this summer with my family and brother.IMG_1980

It has many attractive sights which you have never seen before.It has a terrace and by standing on the terrace you can see a beautiful and breath- taking view of both the cities i.e Islamabad and Rawalpindi. National Monument or Pakistan Monument is built on the West View Point of Shakar Parrian Hills.


The monument can be viewed from all vantage points of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is designed by an eminent architect Mr. Arif Masoud, completed in March 2007.


There is a nice setup of fountains in front of monument and there are several patches of lush green grass around the Monument.


The Monument has been designed to reflect the culture and civilization of the country and also depicts the story of Pakistan Movement and it is dedicated to the people of Pakistan who sacrificed their today for a better tomorrow.


The four main petals of the blooming flower like monument represent the four provinces while the three smaller petals represent three territories of Pakistan.


After visiting Shakar Parian we went to Habibi restaurant I-8 Islamabad for dinner.The place has amazing food.


Everything that i have tried, from mutton to chicken tastes exceptional.


Especially their mutton namkeen karahi and bbq platter is just too good.


In my next post i will post the copycat recipe of Namkeen mutton…:)


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