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This recipe is a copycat of Tehzeeb bakery’s red bean salad. If you are living in Islamabad then you must be familiar with the name of this bakery. Tehzeeb’s salad bar is really awesome.


Red Beans 1 cup
Cucumber 1/2 cup
Mushrooms (sliced) 1/2 cup
Onion (small cubed) 1/4 cup
Capsicum (small cubed) 1/2 cup
Sweet Corns 1/2 cup
Broccoli (finely chopped) 1/4 cup


olive oil 1/4 cup
black pepper as desired
salt as desired
white pepper as desired


  • Mix all dressing ingredients well.
  • Mix all vegetables in a large bowl and pour dressing on top, toss it well and serve.

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