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puff-pastry-mI am grateful to Pastry Chef Arshad Ghafor for teaching an awesome puff pastry recipe with detail, he has explained each step very clearly. If you want to ask him any question related to puff pastry making, leave your question in comment section below.

You can check the recipe of Cheesy Chicken Patties recipe too. Just click the picture below 🙂



In Puff pastry we will use Unipuff butter, now its not at all difficult to make at home. For Recipe and method you can click the link below.



Plain Flour500 gm
Uni puff butter400 gm
Oil50 gm
Sugar25 gm
Salt7 gm


  • Method is in video but i am sharing important tips and points here.
  • Here is the conversation chart from Grams to cups. Thanks to Chef Arshad for sharing.


  • Unipuff butter recipe i have shared in my last post. If you are living in Karachi you can get it from every where, Dalda introduced unipuff butter as well. So you can try it also. You can get it from Empress market Sadar Karachi.
  • You can make puff pastry with Margarine as well but result will be not same or you can say puff pastry will not puff properly. Better to use unipuff.
  • After rolling puff pastry leave it for 15-20 minutes on room temperature. No need to place in a cool place.


  • If you don’t want to use it straight away than freeze it. But wrap it in cling sheet tightly. Thaw before use.


  • Bake patties for 40 minutes approx at 180c.
  • The picture below is of Curry Patties. Click on picture for recipe.



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  1. Salam
    I am looking for ready made puff pastry sheets which I can use to make different things. Could you please email me brand names and shops from Where I can buy in karachi or order online.
    My email is
    I will appreciate your help.

    1. Walikumusalam, you can buy it from Imtiaz. I am using French puff pastry.Visit a page named BAKERS SMART on facebook , phone number is given you can ask him to deliver at home. Its easily avalible on imtiaz price is approx 200 of 1/2 kg.

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