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Small bite size pizzas, but on potato base.. isn’t it interesting…? If you want to have pizza but have no time to make dough then this is a very good option. Just slice up potatoes and top with ingredients and bake for few minutes. Your easy peasy pizza is ready to serve…:)


Large size potatoes2
Chicken boiled 1/2 cup
capsicum1 medium
Saltto taste
Black pepper 1/4 tsp
Oregano1/4 tsp
Pizza sauceas needed
Cheese as needed
Oilfor brushing


  • Peel off potatoes and make slices crosswise. Slices should not be thin.
  • Give them a boil of 5 minutes only and then spread on a tray.
  • Brush your baking tray with oil and place slices on tray.
  • I sprinkled salt and black pepper on slices also but this step is completely optional.
  • Mix chicken, capsicum thinly cubed salt, pepper and mix all ( you can use mushrooms, carrot, peas anything you like)
  • Spread pizza sauce on slice and then add spoonful of mixture.
  • Sprinkle shredded cheese and oregano.
  • Bake at 170c till fork tender and well cooked.


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