French toast is known in France as “pain perdu”, which translates to “lost bread,” because it makes delicious use of leftover bread. Once you’ve mastered the basic French toast recipe, a range of possibilities opens up. A lot of variations you can do . French Toast is one of those things I never ever used a recipe for….lol
This recipe is also one of my experimental recipe for kids. Make your sweet bread a tempting treat for your young ones. Even you can also enjoy anytime….:)


Egg1 nos
Milk2 tbsp
Sugar2 tbsp
Mixed nuts roughly choppedas needed
Nutella or any chocolate spreadas needed
Bread slices4 nos
Oilfor frying


  • Beat egg and sugar ,add milk and beat again.Set a side.
  • Cut any shape from cutter or you can cut after frying also.
  • Spread nutella or any chocolate spread on one slice and spread nuts on it.
  • Cover with other slice and dip carefully in batter and fry.
  • I cut smiling face after frying.
  • Enjoy different shapes and styles…:)


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