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a i mOh yes it was a big pleasant surprise for me when KFOODS ( a well reputed food website) asked me to give an interview as a food expert (thou i considered myself still a It was an exciting experience for me. I would like to thanks KFOODS management for considering me and ranking me as a Top expert 🙂
One question which i liked most was:

What is the difference between cooking of a housewife and a chef?

My answer was 🙂

A chef is someone who is paid to make food… and on other hand our (house wives) reward is praise by our family members and satisfaction on their faces. We, home cooks know we are giving our family a balance and healthy diet / food. I can cook good, delicious food at home daily, not as fancy as you enjoy at hotels and restaurants yet house women have a lot of talent and creativity to satisfy their family members.
Preparing fine restaurant level food demands a restaurant kitchen, lots of equipment, and a crew of supporting staff. When those beautifully arranged courses come out of the kitchen, with clean plate actually that’s the work of 3-4 cooks, or chefs, standing around a table and assembling the plate. That’s chef work, and not many of us can do this at home.

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