Ainy Cooks

IMG_5325mainA very cute idea for kids party, i myself  love the colors of these jelly boats. These adorable jelly boats your kids will love to eat.Make in different colors and give your kids a perfect treat..:)


Orangesas required
Jello- jelly of any coloras required
Waterto make jelly
Cocktail sticksfor making boats


  • Scoop all the flesh out of the orange halves.
  • Stand the empty shells on muffin tray to help them upright.
  • Make up the jellies of different colors. But add half water then instructed on packet.
  • Pour jelly in the skin of oranges.Keep in fridge.
  • When set cut carefully in three segments.
  • Now make sails with paper and cocktail sticks.
  • You can make sea with blue color jelly.


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