salad mThis recipe is a winner recipe in Vim Foodie Contest which I organised this 14th August. Harmain Rukh is the creative lady behind this creative recipe. Try her recipe and give me your feedback 🙂

Vim contest cert 2

14 August themed ‘Rich Fruit salad’ It can be served as both salad and dessert. For serving it as dessert simply add 2 more table spoons of caster sugar!


Cream 1 cup

Mayonnaise 1 cup

Green Grapes 1 cup

Pineapples cut in small cubes 1 cup

Pears/apples cut in small cubes 1 cup

Banana 1 medium

Pistachio ¼ cup Salt a pinch

Castor sugar 4 tsp

Black pepper ½ tsp

Banana Jelly 1 packet

Gelatin 1 tsp dissolved in ¼ cup of water


• Prepare jelly with one cup of water. Pour in a mold of any shape. Let it cool.

salad 2

• Mix rest of all ingredients.

salad 1

• Now dissolve gelatin in ¼ cup of water and mix well. Put in microwave oven for 20 sec or boil it in a small saucepan. As soon as you see small bubbles turn off the flame and let it cool slightly.

• Add the gelatin mixture in the salad and mix well

• Taking one table spoon of the fruit salad at a time add over the jelly layer in the pan and let it set for 2-3 hours.

salad 3

• For serving place the mold over boiling water in a pan for 10 sec. invert the mold and serve cold.

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