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IMG_0928Make you own perfect whipped cream by following these steps, Its not at all difficult.I am using packet cream for icing which is a bit hard to beat but here is my method of whipping cream.

  • Transfer cream in a large bowl from packet. Bowl should be large because after whipping, cream will be double in volume. Keep this bowl in fridge till completely chilled. You can keep ice water under the bowl. Cream will give fast response when chilled.


  • Keep the speed of your beater, medium, It will allow air to get into the cream and make it fluffy. Switch the directions during whipping.
  • When cream starts to thicken then add icing sugar and beat again. Peaks will start to form. Too much beating after peaks formation will change your cream into butter…so be careful on this stage.


  • Keep it in Fridge for few minutes.
  • Keep your cake in a cool place also.Icing of cake required patience and peace of mind.
  • Gather all the things on working place and then take out cake and cream .
  • Make a sugar syrup (1 cup water+ 1/2 cup sugar) and let it cool in fridge then drizzle it on both halves.
  • Spread a layer of cream on cake then place second half of cake. Cover cake with a thin layer of cream and then spread cream with a flat spatula knife.
  • Now create your own designs on cake….:D


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