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teramsu mainTiramisu is a famous Italian dessert and one of my favorites.Very easy to make just need few ingredients and i normally make with packet cream instead of Ricotta.


Cake Rusks/ Sponge fingers18
Black coffee300 ml
Ricotta Cheese250g 2 tubs
Cream (if using instead of ricotta)2 packets milk pack
Icing sugar50 g (2 oz)
Vanilla essence1/2 tsp
Grated chocolateas needed


  • Place cake rusks or sponge fingers (you can take simple tea cake also but reduce the amount of coffee liquid)  in the base of a 8 inch square serving dish.
  • Pour over the coffee, in a bowl beat ricotta/ cream, sugar and vanilla.
  • Spread evenly over the sponge or rusks.
  • Chill the dessert in the fridge for 30 minutes, sprinkle with the grated chocolate just before serving.
teramsu down
  • To make black coffee just dissolve coffee granules in hot water, let it cool then pour over cake rusks.
teramsu down 2

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