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IMG_9908mainToday my post is not about Coffee and a little bit of chocolate and a little bit of caramel stir in it 🙂

The rich enticing spice-like aroma
that sends jolts of energy through your spine.

A cup of comforting warmth
held in your hands
as the steam trickles up to your nose.

The flavorful liquid energy,
an addiction you crave
throughout various parts of your day.

In the mornings, we reach for a pick-me-up
and the pure caffeine high.

Upon the lunch hour,
we share the little cup
as a social gathering with friends.

And once the evening turns black,
the cup of comfort settles us in
so that we can relax.

Although this cup of comfort
is available in a variety of flavors,
the effect still remains the same….

That special little black bean-
Coffee is its name.

BY Ariana R. Cherry



Hot espresso1/4 cup
Steamed milk3/4 cup
Caramel sauce2 tbsp
Chocolate syrup ,Hershey's1 tbsp
Cocoa powderas needed.


  • Mix freshly brewed coffee in milk ,then add all ingredients in it.Sprinkle cocoa.
  • Serve hot.

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