Ainy Cooks

The art of carving fruits and vegetables originated during the period Sukhothay in the 14th century in Thailand. The women of the royal house developed and perfected this art in honor of their monarchs. This traditional trhai art of carving fruit and vegetables has been passed from generation to generation through this centuries. Sculpture in fruits and vegetables is considered one of the ten traditional arts crafts in Thailand. This form of art expression is much loved and admired in Thai culture. The tradition of carving fruits and vegetables spread across the globe and is now used as a display weddings, birthdays, christening and private parties as well as a unique gift for someone special.(Courtesy Google)

Today i am introducing a very talented and an awesome Carver, Salma Sultana to you. She is having an exceptional talent in Carving fruits and vegetables.
Let me tell you a little about this amazing lady.Salam ia a home cook and she learned to carve herself at home.Hats off to her..:)
Here is her some amazing and beautiful carving ideas.











Salma you are expert in carving mashallah…:)


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