Ainy Cooks

A perfect cake for Celebrations and this is an original version of black forest gateau, not only easy but delicious.


Butter unsalted1/4 cup
Plain flour1/2 cup and 2 tbsp
Corn flour/ corn starch2 tbsp
Cocoa powder1/4 cup
Caster sugar1/2 cup
Baking powder1/2 tsp
Cherries ,pitted15 oz
Arrowroot 1 tbsp
sugar syrup3-4 tbsp
Whipped Cream2 cups
Chocolate curlsas needed
Cherriesfor garnishing


  • Sift the flour,corn starch,baking powder and cocoa ,twice.Set aside.
  • Beat eggs and sugar until pale and thick now add soften butter and flour gently in egg mixture.A little at a time.
  • Pour in a baking pan and bake it at 180c for 25 minutes.
  • Cool it down and then split in half.
  • Drain the liquid from cherries tin and make up the liquid to 150ml or 2/3 cup with water if necessary .Mix arrowroot in a little amount of liquid and dissolve it then add in remaining liquid.
  • Transfer to a saucepan and boil till thickened and clear , stir in cherries and let it cool .
  • Sprinkle the sponge with sugar syrup and then spread¬† whipped cream and then cherries mixture .Place other half of sponge on top and then spread cream around the sides of cake.
  • Decorate with cherries and chocolate curls….
  • Serve chill.I prefer to keep it in refrigerator¬† for 4-5 hours before serving.


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