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kids lunch box mDaily preparing lunch  for your kids and planning it ahead according to their taste and liking is as difficult  as to plan for your own lunch or dinner meal. 🙂
After 2 Month’s, fun filled summer vacations schools are now open and mothers are struggling with the same problem. I myself hate to see my sons come back from school with half left food in lunch boxes because they did not feel like eating it.We all know that healthy lunch can keep our kids active, alert and give nutrition they required daily. But my point is no matter how healthy you will provide lunch to your kid, it won’t give you ant result it it doesn’t get eaten. Lunch should be not only nutritious but also tasty and interesting.
My Friends and new Moms always asked about Lunch Box ideas from me so i realized, like me all mothers are worrying and thinking about Packing a lunch box which kids can eat gladly.
I will share few Tip with you Which will help you out in preparing your kids Lunch boxes.

  • Keeping Food Pyramid in your mind Plan small portions for lunch boxes.
  • Keep all food groups in your kids lunch box. Fruit and veggies, starchy food, protein and dairy. Guide your kids regarding importance of food groups and convince them to eat every small portion of their healthy lunch.
  • Be creative, your kids will Love to eat different and interesting food as compare to simple one.
  • In summer give them frozen bottle of water, it will still be cold till Lunch time.
  • In summer or hot weather avoid fish, milk or yogurt in Lunch boxes. I will strongly condemn to use Tetra flavored milk in summers.
  • Do not give them soggy sandwiches. Pack them in cling or plastic sheet.
  • I usually prepare Lunchbox food night before and just fry or assemble in the morning.
  • Use different cutters for making and giving shapes to breads or sandwiches.
  • Make or take a printout of special lunch box note. Your kids will love to read special note. If you can not make daily, do it twice in a week.
kids lunch box 3 Free-printables-Cute-little-notes-to-go-into-your-kids-school-lunch


kids lunch box 4

  • Chicken Tikka leg, My son love it. Just marinate in less spices and cook in pot or bake it.
  • Heart and flower shape peanutbutter and Nuttela bite size sandwiches.
kids lunch box 1
  • Grapes
  • Apple with a smile 🙂 I have made with glitter formic sheet.
kids lunch box 2

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