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Without fries burger is just like a pizza without cheese  🙂 why I am saying this, because I myself love fries with burger , a lot of people on media taught fries making with different styles . All are good but I follow this method from the beginning.


Boil  water and add salt and ¼ tsp haldi/turmeric in it .Now cut potatoes n let them boil for 3-4 mins.Drain them and put in cold water.Now mix meida/ flour, salt and pinch of haldi and coat all potatoes in it and deep fry them.Drain on paper towel.


  1. what is meida?

  2. how much flour?

  3. would it be same like kfc french fries

  4. oh wow adding haldi really worked very nice dear ~

  5. zehra jabeen says

    waisay i have to say ainny u r the best:)

  6. how much flour is needed?

  7. miss zafar says

    u rock its awsome

  8. salam aleykom..

    Half-cup flour, but for how many potatoes?

  9. Is haldi powder fine

  10. abdullah bhatti says

    How much haldi and salt

  11. abdullah bhatti says

    I made it but there are hard some crispy not a smooth as youre

  12. Superb. ……

  13. Ainy u r amazing, i wish to marry a girl like you..
    My prayers n best wishes for u..

  14. Plz mention your diet plan recipes too

  15. Khrystal says

    I don’t have haldi/tumeric what can I use?

  16. What oil should we use?

  17. Can it work without tumeric

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