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Sheerin aunty’s recipe , I’ve  tried this alot of times and believe me the taste and softness of these parathas are mouthwatering ,this is my side dish with bbq and grilled food .I love to serve these with bbq.


meida  1 cup

salt  pinch

wheat flour  2tbsp

ghee   2 tbsp

sugar   1tbsp

egg   1  beaten

water for kneading


In a pan add ghee and fry flour in it then remove from stove and mix egg and sugar then mix it with flour, again cook it ,stir fast and let sugar dissolve .Now set this mixture aside.

In meida mix salt and knead it with water ,dough should be soft.leave it for 1-2 hrs.

Now make equal size balls and roll them and make small roti then apply egg mixture ,now cut one side  roll it and make a parah again.Roll it and make thin roti and fry in ghee…..

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  1. hello,

    this may sound silly, but i am confused about the instructions. Could you please maybe explain it in a different detailed way? i really want to try these.

    1. Raabia this recipe is divided into two steps ,in first step you just need to prepare a paste of flour, egg and sugar.In second step knead dough and then make a small roti spread paste on it and then roll it to make parah. Now roll and make flat parathas. Fry.I hope I have explained it to u n a better way 🙂

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