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veggie coins mThis is very simple and easy to make recipe, you can cut bread in different sizes and shapes. Make these delicious Sandwiches today.


  • Potatoes ,boiled and mashed    2 large
  • Carrot , boiled and mashed       1 medium
  • Peas   , boiled and mashed         1/4 cup
  • Broccoli , boiled and mashed     1 small floret
  • Capsicum ,finely chopped          1 small
  • Salt                                                  to taste
  • Chinese salt (optional)                1/2 tsp
  • Soya sauce                                      1 tsp
  • Black pepper powder                    1 tsp
  • Corn flour                                       1 tbsp.
  • Red chili flakes (optional)           1/2 tsp
  • Eggs                                                 2
  • Bread slices                                     as needed
  • Oil                                                      1 tbsp.
  • Onion chopped                               1 small
  • Oil                                                     for frying


  • Mix all ingredients (except eggs) in a large bowl and set aside.
  • Cut shapes of bread and spread mixture on it.
  • Dip it in egg mixture and shallow fry till light brown.
  • Serve with ketchup.
veggie coins d
  • If you will garnish with beautiful vegetables, your sandwiches will tempt your family more 🙂



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