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When I saw this recipe first time, I became very much impressed with this idea , I was not sure that it will come up in a good shape or not but I never hesitate to try . When I tasted it , found a different taste and softness of cake which was awesome . From this experience i have learnt more techniques and made alot of different poke cakes.


eggs   4

flour    1 cup

cooking chocolate  4 oz  chopped

white butter /butter  1 cup

brown sugar  2 cups

backing powder  1/2 tsp



  •  First cream ,butter and sugar then add eggs beat till fluffy now add sifted flour and backing powder in eggs mix well.
  •  Add melted chocolate ,mix and pour in backing pan …bake for 25 mins at 180c.
  • When done take it out and place on cake rack ..let it cool completely.



vanilla pudding   1 packet

cooking chocolate   1  cup (melted)

whipping cream   1 packet

chocolate  shaves for garnishing


  • Make pudding as directed on the box then let it cool for few mins ,now with any round handle or clean pencil make holes in the cake keep 1 inch distance between all .
  • Pour pudding mixture on the cake. Make sure it will go in the holes also … keep it in refrigerator till pudding set .
  • Now spread cream on top and garnish with chocolate. I spread melted chocolate first on cake then cream then garnish with chocolate shaves.

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  1. Dear Ainy,i tried this recipe today,it came out excellent..!thanks for the step by step procedure, which even a beginner can follow easily.thanks once again for amazingly delicious recipe..:)

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