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This is the recipe which you will surely want to try again and again. This flour less rich cake is a Royal treat for your loved ones.
This chocolate torte will never fails to please. Balanced sweet and nutty, crispy chocolate base is different from other Cheese cakes bases.

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I am dedicating this decadent recipe to my beloved niece AIZAH NOOR on her 3rd birthday today. Wishing her a heartiest Happy Birthday . My Cute pie you have spread happiness wherever you go. I wish you the same happiness you have generously given to us…Love from your Phopoo.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIZAH by Slidely Slideshow


You don’t meet your aunt and uncle that often

But that doesn’t make us love you any less

You will always be our angel

Who gives us nothing but happiness

Just remember that we are always here

You can bank on us in distress

Because no matter how old you get

You will always be our little princess

Happy birthday

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Chocolate chip cookies7 oz
Roasted almonds or hazelnuts (roughly chopped)3 and 1/2 oz
Unsalted butter100 g or 3 and 1/2 oz
Dark chocolate2 oz
For filling , Cream600 ml
Dark chocolate7 oz
White chocolate 2 oz


  • Grease  a 8 inch loose base pan.
  • In a food processor add cookies and finely crush them, transfer in a bowl.
  • Mix crushed and roasted almonds or hazelnuts in cookies powder and set a side.
  • Melt butter and chocolate in a pan and then add cookies mixture in it.
  • Pour in the tin and press with spoon to cover the base completely.
  • Chill until firm.
  • Whip cream till peaks form.
  • Melt chocolate on double boiler let it cool for few minutes an add in cream.
  • Spoon the chocolate cream into the tin , smoothing the surface with spatula or flat spoon.
  • Melt white chocolate in a pan on hot water not boiling and then pour over tort an make swirls of white chocolate with fork. (I have skip this step)
  • Chill this cake overnight for best results.

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cho cover

  • Now melt chocolate.
  • Spread chocolate on a sheet of greased paper/ butter paper to make a rectangle a little deeper than the cake and long enough to wrap around the outside.
  • Leave until almost set but still pliable.
  • Carefully wrap the chocolate band around the cake and chill till firm.
  • Peel the paper carefully. No panics at all 🙂

choco dust

  • Decorate with any thing ( fill in strawberries, cherries, chocolate curls ) and serve.

torte d

Here is the close up of this Torte.

torte c

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