meethi tikkia mVery famous snack of Pakistan, usually people make these tikkian on special occasions. You can store them in air tight container for a week. Here in Punjab region villagers distribute these on child birth or on marriages. They named it Gogi/Pakwan.

desi sweets 2


For recipe of GOGI click tis link: GOGI/ PAKWAN.

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This picture is of a stall from where villagers buy all desi type of bakery items and sweets. You can see colorful sweets too along with Naan khatai, Shakarpare, Namak pare ,etc.


desi sweets 1


Plain flour/ maida2 cup
Semolina/ Suji1 cup
Icing sugar1 cup
Cardamom ,crushed5-6
Ghee (melted)3 tbsp
Oilfor frying



meethi tikkia d


meethi tikkia dd

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    1. Yes you can , but should not be thick. Grease the tray and bake one side then turn and bake again till light brown.

  1. I tried it but i dont know why they were not cooked well i cooked them on low flame they were light golden outside

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