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S MAfter shifting in our new house I and my husband started planning to grow veggies and flowering plants. We collected different plants from Islamabad, Wah Cantt and Peshawar. Garden wouldn’t be complete without beautiful and sweet fragrances.


Not all people can understand the satisfaction and joy that my plants make me feel inside. I love spring and am so glad to see my blooming flowers with sweet fragrance in our garden.

My husband who actually like succulent plants and collecting them from nearby cities, planned to grow veggies on Roof Top and he is working on this. I will share his experiences with you but right now here’s a glimpse of whats blooming in my garden and signaling that Spring is Here 🙂


Look at the beautiful colors.


Yellow balloon shape beauties.


Vibrant Red.



After the winter chill is gone
The spring flowers open up
The pink and white fruit blossoms
And lovely golden buttercup

The bulbs swell and burst forth
To fill our world with color
Crocuses and daffodils
Bring smiles like no others

And the lovely purple irises
Are such a treat to me
Rhododendrons and Azaleas
Are bold and stunning to see

We love our springtime walks
In the gardens or at the park
As the fragrance fills the air
And the sound of a meadowlark

Oh yes, it wakes up our world
Amongst the gentle showers
There is hope for a bright tomorrow
With the glorious spring Flowers!
Poem by Marilyn Lott


I hope you’ve enjoyed my garden tour.


I have planned to post about container gardening, soon i will post about veggie container garden.

Look at my fresh organic lettuce leaves in pot 🙂

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