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ser kurma mOur Eid festivals are incomplete without Sher Khurma, this is a rich dessert made from Vermicelli and dry dates. My Mother was an expert in Sher Khurma making. Now I also am following her recipe.


Vermicelli 1 cup broken in small pieces
Milk 1 -1/2 lit
Ghee/ butter2 tbsp
Sugarto taste
Qalaqand/ burfi/ condensed milk1/2 cup
Almond and pistachio1/2 cup
Coconut ,grated3/4 cup
Raisins1/4 cup
Dry datesas needed


  • In a pot add ghee and cardamom, let it crackle then add vermicelli.
  • Fry for few seconds. Add milk and sugar. Now leave it on low flame. Keep on stirring.
  • Milk will reduce in quantity then add condensed milk or qalaqnd. If you are using qalaqnd or condensed milk then adjust sugar according to your taste.
  • Soak almonds and pistachio n hot water and remove skin. Chop them fine.
  • Grate coconut with grater. ( do not use desiccated coconut , it will not give a required taste)
  • Add coconut and raisins in the end and mix well.
  • Sher should not be very thick or runny.

ser kurma d2

  • Soak dry dates in milk overnight.
  • Garnish with nuts and serve with soaked dates.

ser kurma d1

This recipe I am sending in Eid Party arranged by my three friends ย .You can visitย all three of them for more party recipes.


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  1. Oh Ainy, you have shared the Queen of Eid Foodfare! No Eid is complete without a bowl of Sheer! In fact, I am enjoying a warm bowlful as I write this ๐Ÿ™‚
    Eid Mubarak to you and your family! And thank you for participating in Eid Eats! ๐Ÿ™‚

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