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custard shahi mFew days ago i saw this recipe on a TV channel, I found this very interesting. Thou the name is Shahi Custard but i don’t think this dessert recipe has any connection with Mughal Era..he he he but yes they are very close to Shahi Tukras 😀 . One thing is sure, this is a very different and delicious recipe.


Milk1 lit
Sugarto taste
Vanilla Custard powder3 tbsp
Bread slices4 cut in halves
Cocktail fruit1 cup (optional)
Cham Cham sweetas needed
Nutsas needed
OilFor frying bread


  • Fry bread slices in oil and set aside on paper towel.
  • Now make custard ( boil milk and add sugar, stir till sugar dissolve and then add dissolved custard powder in it.Follow the instructions written on box)  and let it cool down slightly. Mix in cocktail fruits.
  • In a serving dish place slices and pour custard over them. Keep in refrigerator.
  • Before serving place Cham Cham and sprinkle nuts.

shahi custard d

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