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independence cake mThis cake is designed by Hadi Malik for Vim foodie contest. She made it beautifully and she had used one toothpick to give shades to eagle.

Award-Appreciation 1
She was among the Top five recipes selected by judges.

125 grms maida
125 grms suger
6 eggs
vanilla essence 1tsp
Beat eggs and sugar till fluffy.

Add sieved flour in it. Fold it and bake at 180c. Make 2 sponges.

Let them cool completely.

کورن سیرپ یا گلوکوز سیرپ…1/4 کپ  Corn syrup or glucose
کارن فلور 2 کهانے کے چمچ   corn flour
ٹهنڈا پانی.آدها کپ  cold water
جیلیٹن 1 کهانے کا چمچ Gelatin powder
فوڈ کلر yellow,blue  Food color

Mix corn flour in water, add gelatin and corn syrup or glucose.

Cook till thick consistancy obtained.

Add Food color and use on Cake.
Cream 500 grams

Beat cream till double in volume. Add icing sugar if required.

Cut cake in two halves and apply cream, place another piece and apply cream.

Cover cake with cream and make eagle with tooth pick. Make patterns with colored mixed cream.

independence cake d

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