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MMYes, we are not out from 16th December 2014 Trauma. Wounds are still fresh its been a whole year but how we can forget  heart wrenching deadly terrorist attack. How can we forget unbelievable act of brutality when 150 lives were lost. Majority of them were children. Nothing can be so terrible than to seeing parents loosing their children. They were innocent kids. I can’t make myself from crying my eyes out because when your heart cries you can’t stop them.

SCHOOL TO IMMORALITY by Slidely Slideshow

Listen to me, you hear, you see,
The stories of the children who’ve died
For me, for you they take the hit, the stab, the fire,
In the name of Honor, Justice, and Love for all,
Their nation, their family, the world in all.
They are immortal,
They are martyr,
Who sacrificed their lives for your future.

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“We sent our kids to this school because it is known for its high standards and quality of education…. My son was a brilliant student and even a few weeks back he was awarded a gold medal for his excellent midterm results. Yesterday we watched the news on TV and as five of our kids were studying there we got so worried and upset for the safety of our children,” said Haji Dost Muhammad, 52, whose son Asad died in the attack. “We were told that a bullet hit him from the back, tearing his heart. Asad was an outstanding student and wanted to be a pilot but his soul flew from his body before he could fly a plane.”

A para from my post on new year , you can read whole article here:


 I hope the friends and families of those Martyrs and injured can find the strength to cope with the awful suffering they are enduring.

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