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IMG_0273mainThis pot pie is very easy and flavorful, If you are planning something for your weekend then keep this on top of your list. Rotisserie chicken will give you different flavor then any other pot pie.


Chicken bone less3 cups
Capsicum 1 diced
Carrot1 small diced
Peas1/ 2 cup
Onion1 small
Saltto taste
Black pepper1 tsp
Green chillies chopped1 tbsp
Paprika1 tsp
Flour3 tbsp
Chicken broth1 cup
Puff pastry packet
Egg ,beaten1



  • Marinate chicken with Rotisserie special spice, check the recipe of ROTISSERIE CHICKEN .
  • Boil peas and carrots.
  • In a pan add oil 2 tbsp and saute onion.Remove onion and add marinated chicken and cook till tender in the same oil.
  • In  separate pan add 1 tbsp oil and add flour and saute, pour stock and stir add capsicum , carrot and peas and spices .
  • Add saute onion and chicken ( you can shred chicken).

IMG_0255 down

  • Roll puff pastry and spread on the base of greased pot then spread chicken  mixture and cover with another rolled puff pastry. You can make flower garnish and even can make borders if you like.


  • Brush egg and bake till crispy .


  • Serve Hot with any dip or ketchup.




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