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This is a normal fruit chat nothing different except tangy touch….I usually use orange Tang for tangy flavor but pineapple Tang can also gives a very different taste to fruit chat…If you want to use real orange juice then go for it because nothing is better then original.

fruits   as needed(i ve taken 3 cups mix fruit)
white chickpeas    as needed(1/2 cup)
lemon juice   2 tsp
sugar  to taste
black salt(kala namak)   1/2 tsp
chat masala  1/2 tsp
tang in orange flavor   3/4 cup prepared

In a large bowl add all ingredients and mix well, in the end add juice ,mix again …i will recommend u to make it 2 hrs prior and keep it in the  fridge in this way the juice will penetrate in fruits and will give you a very good taste…do try this chat…and comment…:)

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