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inline_618x306_exercisesforlowerbodystrengthLosing weight from lower body is not an easy job. You can only lose fat by adopting healthy diet and daily exercise that includes cardiovascular exercises. With age our metabolism slows, if you want to boost up your metabolism then follow workout plan which I am following.
Lower body fat is stubborn fat. Cellulite( Fat) is actually dimply skin found around thighs and hips and this is different from other part of body fats. Cellulite is found more often in women than men. If your diet is not healthy and have slow metabolism then you will store more Cellulite than others.
Exercise and healthy died can help ward it off.

The Workouts

  •  Glute Bridge
    How to make it harder: Raise one leg, and switch legs after 25 seconds. You can also raise your arms so they’re pointing straight up or lift your toes off the ground.



  •  Swing with Dumbbells
    How to make it harder: Hold the heavier-weight dumbbells as you swing your arms forward.



  •  Alternating Curtsy Lunge
    How to make it harder: Hold the heavier-weight dumbbells as you lunge.



  •  Low Sumo Squat
    How to make it harder: Hold the heavier weight as you squat.



  •  Iso-Explosive Squat


The Best Workout for a Toned, Tight Butt.

All pictures and Video are adopted from Google.

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