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IMG_7059mainThis traditional recipe of raw mango pickle/ Keri ka achar is a gift for me from my Maid Saima, Yes under her supervision i made this pickle and believe me this recipe is super easy and all those who are new in this cooking field must try this recipe without fear..:)
This Pickle is a popular condiment normally serves with Dal Chawal, Parathas etc.



Raw mangoes/ Keri5-6 medium size
Turmeric powder1 tbsp heaped
Red chilli flakes1 tbsp
Red chilli powder1/2 tbsp
Fenugreek seeds/ methi dana1 tbsp
Fennel seed/ Saunf2 tbsp
Nigella seeds/ kalonji1- 1/2 tbsp
Mustard seeds/ rai dana (optional)1 tbsp
Mustard oilas needed
Saltas needed


  • Wash¬† raw mangoes and then dry them properly.
  • Cut them in small pieces and remove the seed.
  • Toss them with turmeric powder evenly and place these pieces in a clay pot ( it will give a different aroma to your pickle).
  • Now keep them in sunlight for a day or 2.
  • Now add all pickle spices in mangoes and toss them, again cover with muslin cloth and keep in sunlight for 2 days.
  • Pour mustard oil in it and store in sterilize jars.
  • She gave me a tip that after making pickle keep on shaking the bottle daily for a week. All spices will mix properly.
  • You can coarsely ground pickle spices , its up to you..:)


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