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qust-e-shiren-mWeather in our area is now changing to dry and cold. People get the flu in the winter time because influenza virus replicates and spread most effectively in this weather. My son was also effected due to change in weather, one of my friend (MRS HAMEEDA ALI) told me to do a home remedy instead of running to the doctors. She was the one who introduced me to this herb QUST. Everyone can use it to get rid of cold and flu.
The plant of Qust is also known as Costus. It is generally found in a marshy and wet places along the rivers at the eights up to 5000 ft.
These plants bears big serrated leaves but the roots are used for medical purpose. After collecting roots in the month of September and November, these are then cut into small pieces. This is a fragrant herb used as nutritive tonic.


This Herb is known as HERB OF PROPHET(P.B.U.H)

  • Hazrat Zaid Bin Arqam narrates- ” We were directed by Rasool Allah (saw) to treat pleurisy with Qust Bahri and Roghan-e-Zaitoon” (Tirmizi, Sanad-e-Ahmed, Ibn Maja)
  • Hazrat Anas Bin Malik narrates that Rasool Allah (saw) stated ” Out of those things which are being used by you for treatment, the cupping and Qust Bahri are the best treatment.”
    Hazrat Jabir Bin Abdullah narrates that Rasool Allah (saw) stated “Don’t burn the glottis of your children, when you are having waras and quest-e-Hindi, make them lick these.”
  • “When Nabi-e-Akram (saw) entered the house of Hazrat Aisha (R), she was having a child bleeding through mouth and nose. Prophet (saw) asked, what was that? She answered, “the child has Azraa. Prophet (saw) said, “Alas ! ladies, that you used to kill your children like that. If in future any child got affected with Azra in his glottis or he felt headache, then ground the Qust-e-Hindi/ Shiren and make him lick it. Therefore, Hazrat Aisha carried out his instructions and the child became healthy.” (Muslim)


Qust (Costus) is of two types:

  • Qust e Hindi (Indian) – which is black
  • Qust e Shiren or  Bahri which is white or yellowish.  Qust e Hindi is hot and dry than al Bahri.


Qust is usually used on its own or partnered with water, honey or olive oil. My friend told me to mix it with honey and give it daily to your kids. It is best for nasal congestion.


According to Ibn Al Qayyim’s work ‘At Tibb an Nabawwi’, the ointment is made by mixing Qust al Hindi powder in equal parts with good quality raw honey and add a very small amount of clean water. The paste should not be runny so that it runs off the skin but should stick to the area where it is applied. I would personally advise to apply to the area once per day for 30 minutes, then wash it off. This is for scar free face, for fading freckles and for clear skin.

Qust should be mixed in Olive oil as it was none other than Rasool’Allah (sallAllahu alayhi wassallam) himself who instructed His Ummah to use olive oil for eating and for massage. Qust infused olive oil should be massaged on the points of pain/joints in the evening before bed.

Qust also helps strengthen the liver and improve digestion.

Its easily available In herbal shops. You can ask them to make powder of root pieces.

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  1. My daughter has ulcerative colitis it is very severe where the colon will have to be removed. I heard about qùst for colitis works. I use to give my son for his adenoids and with the will of Allah it did help.

  2. My daughter is having asthma problem and tonsilitus. im giving hr qust ul bahri and qust ul hindi . How can i put qust ul bahri in nose for tonsils ?

  3. I m 24 years old . I have Allergic problem due to the change of weather .and eat dry products .I have sore throat issue …left throat infected and swelled .please give me advice what I do ? I m using qast e shereen with honey last 8 days please give me suggestion about my sinus congestion and sore throat issue .which is swelled alotse

    1. Sorry for late reply, You can try my one more tip for soar throat. Take 60ml pomegranate juice and mix in 1 tsp ginger juice. Drink this in 3 hours. Take 20ml each hour. Inshallah you will find it very effective.

  4. i am 41 years old, I have sinus problem since 5 years, my nose got block and stuffy when i have cold and flu, it never goes without antiallergic and antibiotic tablets. can i take qust-e-shiren or hindi? how to take.
    Thanks, Jazakallahu khairan

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