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g halwa mMy mother adapted this method when Zubaida Tariq aunty made this a long ago, This is a very easy way of making halwa, you can say jhat pat halwa making. I have garnished this halwa with boiled egg because few of my friends from Lahore posted pictures of halwa in which they used boiled egg as a garnish , when i asked them about the taste and logic of this garnish they told me that in Lahore this is a famous garnish. I then decided to check the taste myself 🙂 Truly i loved the combination of both.


Carrots1 kg
Sugar1 cup or to taste
Ghee1/2 cup
Powdered milk1 and 1/2 cup


    • Grate carrots and cook them in a pot till water evaporates.
    • Now add ghee and cardamom in carrots. Mix well.
    • Add sugar and start stirring on medium flame. Add half milk powder and stir till ghee separates.
    • Now sprinkle remaining milk powder and cover with the lid.
    • Milk powder will absorb steam and appear like khoya.
    • Mix and garnish with nuts and boiled eggs.
    • Serve.

g halwa d

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