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I’m so excited to be featuring Talented Pakistani bloggers this month…. really successful bloggers, and hearing their thoughts and tips about blogging! “ Try new things, meet new people, and look beyond what’s right in front of you.” – Andrew Zimmern

Hafsah, of ,Haffa’s Kitchen adventures is not only versatile in blogging, as well as inspiring, everyone who visits her blog to remember that healthy food can be full of flavor. Each time that I view a new recipe or tip of hers i admires her work. A visit to Hafsah’s blog is a step into a world full of gorgeous pics of amazing meals and recipes.  Her blog is unpretentious and easy to use. hafsa tip


Few days ago she posted a  recipe of Baking a cake on stove, i liked her post and here i am sharing her link of ” MARBLE CAKE ON STOVE TOP”

marble hafsa

I asked Hafsa few questions including  her own self and her lifestyle, so here she is..:)

Thank you dear Ainy for inviting me for the interview as a Pakistani food blogger at your place ^_^ I am soo happy to have this opportunity!!!

My name is Hafsah Behzad, (Haffa Bexi as nick) & I am from Pakistan. Professionally I am doctor, but I’m not practicing at the moment which practically makes me jobless. Hope to get one soon! Since I got married cooking and blogging have become not only my job but also my favorite hobby. Although I myself am still in learning phase & love to try new recipes of different cuisines but I like to share my experiences in my kitchen with other amateur and professional cooks.

As far as the photography for my blog is concerned, my hubby is taking care of that 😉 Honestly speaking, cooking have never been by passion till my marriage, in fact I hated cooking, but thanks to blogging which created its love within me and now i spend most of my day in the kitchen cooking or in front of my lappy blogging.

Me: When did you decide to create your blog and what motivated you to blogging?

Hafsah: I was not even aware of the word “blog” till 2 years back when I got married. Being jobless, I had nothing to do whole day except waiting for my hubby to come back from job. Having keen interest in cooking & photography himself, one day my hubby told me to keep writing down all the recipes I was trying, for subsequent reference and he would manage my blog. This was the time i started to develop interest in blogging. Since then, I never looked back & blogging became my passion. Blogging has indeed been a great blessing for me! I was introduced to so many new things in the world, which I had never heard of. I met a number of new friends like Ainy & Monu! Both of them are such a darling and are always ready to help!! God has been so kind to me by giving me such a sweet time pass like blogging! 😉

Me: What kind of Theme do you use on your blog and what are the “must have” plugins for a blog?

Hafsah:  Basically, it depends upon the type of blog, its contents, its audience, age group of the audience and many other factors…. but, I prefer a simplest theme mostly with white background. I keep on changing themes every now and then.. as change is the only thing permanent 😉 As far as plugins are concerned, apart from widgets used to promote your blog, like Facebook like & share button, Tweet button, few other plugins are a must have for a blog which include Subscription widget & a Search bar. Other than that you can always choose other plugins depending upon your audience.

Me: What do you think food blogging will look like in 5 years?

Hafsah:  Hmmmmm.. 5 yrs from now, i would love that, technology has advanced so much that my visitors will be able not only to smell but even taste dishes cooked by me through my blog. 😀 which of course is far from reality!! 😛 Jokes apart, I guess 5 years isn’t a much of a time span. It won’t make much difference. But with time passing, people are becoming more foodoholics, the number of bloggers will increase, encouraging a healthy competition and definitely enhancing the quality of blogs, so much so that people would take up food blogging as a profession.

Me: Imagine you could invite anyone to a meal. Who would it be and what would you serve?

Hafsah: I am confident that all those who read my blog will be able to try my recipes. I would love to invite some children who can afford such food and serve them with a sumptuous meal including Chicken Karahi, Mutton biryani, Shami Kabab & Rasmalai as a dessert.


Me: What are your top 3 tips for aspiring food bloggers?

Hafsah:  Although I do not consider myself to be at a position yet to give tips or advice to aspiring youngsters but as you have asked so here it goes. First of all, You should have faith in yourself and your capabilities. Secondly, you should describe recipe in detail so that the readers be able to follow you step by step and you develop a reputation and people come back to your blog and lastly; as presenting a dish plays a very important role in cooking, similarly the presentation of your recipes should be eye-catching so have attractive photographs.

Me:  Your favorite Pakistani food and recipe.

Hafsah:  That’s a very tough question for any food lover. But I’ll have to think… ummm… Gulab Jamun 🙂 For recipe please visit g j hafs To stay updated with Hafsah and find more of her delicious healthy  recipes make sure to check out her blog and follow her  here:

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Thank you so much Hafsah for giving us your time ..:)

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