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All time favorite of my kids and mine also…lol. This is my evening tea time snack and my son’s lunch box item , very easy to make but please do not freeze them because potato become  soggy if you store them for longer period of time. I always prepare potato based things fresh. Make in the evening for kid’s lunch box and fry them in the morning.


hard boiled eggs    3

boiled potatoes    4 medium size

black pepper crushed    1 tsp

corn flour   1 tsp

soya sauce  1 tsp


egg  1 for coating

bread crumbs   as needed


Mash potatoes and mix all ingredients.

Cover each egg with potato mixture and dip in egg then coat crumbs, set a side . Make all and then deep fry them…..very good for your kids lunch box…:)


2 Responses to “POTATO SCOTCH EGGS”

  1. Gauri

    I love egg recipes and always on the lookout for new ones 🙂 I will surely try this! Lovely blog! Following you! 🙂


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