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IMG_6450mainA versatile recipe for me in a sense that you can make these tarts from both pizza dough or puff pastry even make it from a pie dough.Filling i have used of chicken but you can use mince filling too.


Flour5 cups
Butter chilled ,cut in small cubes10 oz
Salt1 tsp
Vinegar 2 tsp
Water chilled for kneading2/3 cup
Mince2 cup
Mixed herbs1 tbsp
Saltto taste
Black pepper1 tbsp
Oil2 tbsp
Pizza sauceas needed
Mozzarella cheeseas needed
Capsicum, onion mushroom as needed




  • You can use pizza dough, for recipe click this: PIZZA DOUGH.
  • If you want to make dough from pie crust method then follow me ..:)
  • In a large bowl add flour , salt and chilled butter , mix with hands. Crumbs will form.
  • Mix vinegar in water and knead dough with this water.
  • Roll it and make 2-3 big flat circles and wrap plastic. Keep in refrigerator for 3-4 hours.
  • Now cut squares or circles according to the size of pan.
  • Place each cut out in greased pan and spread pizza sauce over it.
  • Fill in filling and sprinkle cheese.
  • Bake till nice golden.
  • Same process you will follow with pizza dough or puff pastry.
  • Result of both doughs are awesome..:)


  • If you are using chicken then in a pan pour oil and saute 1 small chopped onion , add chicken 1 cup , red chilli flakes 1/2 tsp, salt, black pepper 1/2 tbsp. Mix well and cover with the lid till well cooked.In the end add chopped veggies ,if you want to add and mix well.
  • If you want to use beef/chicken  mince then in oil add mince and fry till color change.Now add salt , mixed herbs and black pepper .
  • Cook till water dries and oil separates.
  • Filling is ready.


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