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Monal restaurant named after a bird of extraordinary and choice wonderfulness and placed at the top most ridge offers incredible nourishment and its open patios gives a stupendous perspective of the city of Islamabad. Adjoining the lodging to east is Tilla Grani a 1181 m high crest, simple to stroll on. At The Monal we take pride in offering a genuine Pakistani cooking that is as rich and different as our legacy. It has been handled by the combination of indigenous qualities and fragrances with culinary estates from Arabia, Persia and Central Asia, as the numerous tribes, individuals and societies mixed over hundreds of years over the valleys and fields of the Indus.the way to The Monal undulates along the thick verdure of the Margallas as though scratched in emeralds.

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I visited Monal last summer.I was mesmerize by the breathtaking beauty of this place.

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The journey up the Hill was very exciting with a lot of turns and twists of the road.”Damn e Koh” is on the bottom of and Hill and Monal is on the top.

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The drive to Monal from any place in Islamabad is atleast 30 minutes on a well built winding road through the hills.

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We saw beautiful view of Shah Faisal Mosque from the road side. This scenic drive up through fresh green trees ended at Monal.

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There were carts selling traditional semi-precious jewelry at the main entrance.

My elder son bought a set of ear rings and necklace for me…I was really moved with his innocent act…:)

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KULFI…Favorite of all….:)

There was a cart of Kulfi seller also. It was very interesting to see him making Kulfis on the spot.


And the person was also very excited to show me his KULFI making procedure.I took pictures from all directions…LOLZZZ.

There was another cart of Ice Cola on the main entrance.


The restaurant is specifically designed to give amazing views of Islamabad city and its surrounding mountains you can view Faisal Mosque and large buildings in the Blue Area from here.

They have indoor as well as outdoor setting. But outdoor setting is recommended to enjoy the scenic views of the city.

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At night you can see the city lights which are simply spectacular.

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Monal is nestled in the midst of the rolling hills of Islamabad with terraces made in the hills to give you a spectacular view of the entire city. You should visit the place for its setting and views rather than its food.The ambiance of the restaurant and atmosphere makes it worth.The menus is very diverse and very good.

I had the mixed grill, Bbp platter Afghani platter, it was very nice.


Specially Fried Quill/bater, fish and malai boti was delicious.

There was a stall of SWEET PAN on one side.


Interesting…isn’t it…:)

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The high altitude makes the weather very pleasant during summers and the view of Islamabad from the top is breath taking. I recommend going before sunset to get a bird’s eye view of the city from the Hill top. I was overwhelmed with the experience eating at the top of the mountain. even with scorching heat down in Islamabad, this place had enough of the chill factor.

Monal has two different restaurants.
1. where they mostly serve BBQ and desi/continental style menu.
2. Monal’s Tree House which offers a mixture of Italian, Greek, Lebanese, French and Mediterranean cuisines. I have to say that monal tree house is simply a spectacular place to sit and enjoy some quality time with your family and it is hardly ever crowded. It is all built on a wooden decking and the interior is also totally built of wood.

La Montana Restaurant is the place which is tastefully designed and beautifully decorated adjacent to Monal.



Overall Pir Sohawa/ Monal is a peaceful place that offers tranquility and relaxation.

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Monal -Islamabad

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