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Again roses but this time pepperoni roses. I simply loved them, a very easy and delicious snack. Give your bread a twist and make roses 🙂


Bread doughas needed
Pepperonias needed
Pizza sauceas needed
oilfor greasing
eggfor brushing


  • You can learn how to make dough from ROSE CROISSANTS recipe if you don’t know it already.
  • You just need to roll dough and make a very thin circle.
  • Cut pepperoni in halves.
  • Now cut long stripes of dough. Should be the size of half cut pepperoni.
  • Spread sauce in a thin layer and place pepperoni on dough, rounded shape up wards, place all side by side.
  • Roll firmly with tight hands and then brush egg wash and place on greased backing tray .
  • Bake them at 170c till bread done.
  • You can sprinkle cheddar cheese on sauce as well if you like to.

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