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panj mA precious gift of Panjiri recipe from my mother. I remember after birth of my elder son Ali, she made a big pot full of Panjiri. When i was making this before birth of my younger son, tears were rolling down my eyes. I will miss her ever.

In memory of my parents. by Slidely Slideshow .


I do not want to repeat that painful incident. You can read about her here:



Suji/ Semolina1 kg
Desi ghee/ clarified butter1 kg or as needed
Sugar3/4 kg or to taste
Alsi1//4 cup
Makhana20 grams
Char maghaz20 gms
Char gond10 gms
Kamarkas10 gms
Poppy seeds10 gms
Dessicated coconut/ hand grated 25 gms
Dry ginger powder/ sonth1 tbsp
Almonds100 gms
Pistachio50 gms
Raisins50 gms
Small Cardamom10


  • Roast suji without ghee. Set aside. ( you can roast it in ghee as well)
  • This is home made ghee with butter fat. Check the recipe of HOME MADE GHEE WITH BUTTER.

panj desi gh

  • Grind Sugar and set aside.
  • Alsi .

panj alsi

  • Makhana.

panj makhane

  • Roast Almonds, pistachio and all other nuts in ghee along with gond, alsi and makhana etc.
  • Grind them all except raisins.
  • Now in a large pot add all ingredients including sugar and suji. Just cook it up for 5-10 minutes.

panj d

  • Mix well and store in air tight container. Highly healthy and nutritious thing. Even make in winter and give 2-3 tbsp daily to your family members with milk.

panj d vpanj d v2

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