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21 - CopyThe people of village are very simple in thought and behavior. They are therefore very friendly and helpful. Whenever they celebrate a festival, they dance and sing together and cook small sized cookies called Pakwan, Goggi or methi tikkia.
Last sunday i have got a chance to visit my maid’s village one more time. Interesting thing was watching them cooking GOOGIES on stove and how comfortable they were while cooking like this.
Be with me in this journey and recipe of GOOGI/PAKWAN 🙂

Shakirdarah, is the name of my Maid’s village. Villagers , here are mostly farmers you can see vast fields in these pictures.


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Most of houses here are very simple and not well constructed.


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Streets are narrow, and winding lanes are crowded with animals and playing kids.

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Villager women is  industrious and hard-working. They can do any thing now you can see in this age they are cooking on charcoal ,its not an easy job to cook on these stoves.
Women can easily paint houses and do LEPAI ( making floor of house with mud and dung) you can see in this picture they did this before my arrival. Because i was a special guest for them so they painted kitchen and did Lepai to give a clean look to their house.
Kids of my maid.
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Now enjoy the pictures of Gogi/ Pakwan making and Karak Tea .
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Tea with googies/ pakwan , namak paras and biscuits ..ready for us 🙂



Wheat flour1 cup
Semolina1/4 cup
Sugar (grind it)1/2 cup
Cardamom 2-3 ,crushed
Coconut (crushed)2 tbsp
Saunf1 tsp
Egg1 beaten
Milkfor kneading


  • Knead all ingredients with water and roll the dough, my maid flattened it with hand.
  • Cut circles with a glass or cutter and fry.
  • Ready to serve.

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