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600149_548086631926207_1183594701_nmainThe wedding in Pakistani is celebrated with great fervor. Culture, customs and traditions are greatly differ in all provinces of the country.There are varying shades, however very colorful and fascinating. A Pakistani wedding is followed by several pre-wedding customs and rituals…Mayon…Mehndi…Barat…Valima…Muklava.



Mayon/ manjha/ mayan can either be a lavish affair, or a small family gathering of ladies of all age groups before 10 or 5 days before wedding. In my family it starts after a Quran khuani.The bride is not allowed to leave her house during this mayon period and the beautification rituals begin during this time.The Pakistani mayon bride is donned in a yellow outfit.
Some families arrange dholki nights leading up to Mehndi night. Totally a female event where they sing wedding songs or famous movie songs by tapping on the dhol with song beats.



This usually takes place one or two days before wedding.This also is mainly women event, Hina/Mehndi is applied to both the groom and the bride by the female friends and relatives of both sides.The event is held separately for the bride and the groom but in some families held Rasm e Hina on one place of both bride and groom.
Bride normally wears yellow dress with a tinged of green or orange color and hides her face in veil.Sisters, cousins and friends walk in with the decorated plates of Mehndi and candles.The Bride is led to the stage, under the shade of a Beautifully decorated dopatta which is held up by brothers,cousins and sisters.

Now the female married women apply Mehndi on bride’s hand and feed her any sweet. Sadka (warding off evil through charity) is performed on the bride by donating money circling three times on the bride’s head.

How can we forget a song competition between bride and grooms families, many dance sequences are common these days.
Normally this is a joyous occasions with colors, music and many more.


In food normally bbq food is very famous in Mehndi event. Kebabs parathas, kachori, halwa is hot favorite of all.


My Friend Maryam Raza, shared her tried recipe of Gulab Jamuns for this Mehndi event..:)





dry milk powder (nido)   2 cup
baking powder    2 tsp
maida/ flour 1 tsp
ghee   2 tbsp
egg  (beaten)      2
ghee /oil   ( for frying)

sugar syrup: 
sugar 2-1/2 cup
water 2 cup
elachi 6
food color 1 pinch

Combine dry milk powder, baking powder, maida, ghee, egg to make a dough.
Now make  small balls with dough.
Deep fry small balls in preheated ghee.
Meanwhile make a sugar syrup in other pan by adding sugar, water elachi n food color.
Now put fried small balls in sugar syrup.And leave them for 5-10 minutes. Serve hot.


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