Ainy Cooks

This recipe is a gift for you, a quick and delicious dessert with few ingredients in few minutes…Amazing, isn’t it..??


Oreo cookiesI packet
Cream1 packet/ 1 cup
Gelatin powder1 tbsp
Espresso coffee1 tbsp
Sugarto taste


  • Add hot water (2 tbsp) to gelatin and dissolve it.
  • Whip cream and add sugar to your taste when peaks form then add coffee¬† (1 tsp coffee dissolved in 1 tbsp water).
  • Now add gelatin and mix well.
  • Place one Oreo cookie in a cupcake case, fill pipping bag with cream and pipe it on cookie (you can use any kind of nozzle).
  • Repeat this procedure with all cookies and keep them in freezer or you can make them at night and keep them in refrigerator overnight.
  • Before serving remove muffin cases and serve chill.
  • Enjoy this very easy One bite Oreo Mousse…:)
  • You can replace coffee with chocolate, melt chocolate to your taste and mix in cream.

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