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This salad is a very refreshing and tasty choice for your coming party. Combination of fruits and jelly will attract everyone.


Vanilla instant pudding mix1 packet
Cream 1 packet/1 cup
Fruits(pineapple,apple,bananas,oranges,strawberries)as needed
Orange jelly1 packet


  • Make pudding according to the direction given on box, pour in a bowl and keep in refrigerator till hard.
  • Now beat pudding with a whisk until soft and smooth in texture.You can add sugar on this stage according to your taste .I have not mentioned in my ingredient’s list but if you want to add then feel free to add icing sugar in it.Even you can add prepared jelly(in liquid form) in pudding and mix well.
  • Mix whipped cream and all fruits ,fold .
  • Decorate with orange jelly and keep this in refrigerator for 1 hour¬† before serving.
  • Enjoy this simple but delicious salad .Even this can be your dessert as well.

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