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nutella hearts mainThis recipe is a versatile recipe.Thou i have used Nutella as a filling but you can use any other filling.. for example jam , chicken and mayo ,mince etc.
If you have frozen puff pastry  available at your home then you can just make these in few minutes.Result of Palmiers from puff pastry is best but if you do not have it then make dough and bake these..:)


Puff pastry / Doughas needed
Nutella/ Chocolate spreadas needed


nutellapalmierscourtesy Google

  • Roll puff pastry or dough, For recipe of dough open this link: DOUGH.
  • Spread Nutella, you can spread nuts also and roll dough from both sides.
  • Cut in pieces and bake at 180c for 20-25 minutes.

nutella heaarts d

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