nutella filled chocolate mYou can easily make this chocolate in 10 minutes only. You just need 2 ingredients. A perfect homemade gift for your friends and family.


Cooking chocolate, dark or milk1/2
Nutella1/4 cup


  • Melt chocolate in microwave. You can use double boiler method for melting chocolate as well.
  • Grease mold or use silicon mold with out greasing it.
  • Pour chocolate in molds and with spoon back spread it all over. We just need a thick coat. Let it cool completely.
  • Place Nutella in fridge for few minutes it will become hard.
  • Place a small quantity of Nutella in coated shells. Press down with spoon.
  • Pour melted chocolate on Nutella. Seal it with chocolate.
  • Tap mold on counter to remove air bubble and to smooth the surface.
  • Let it set in refrigerator for 15-20 minutes.
  • Carefully take them out from molds.

nutella filled chocolate dd

  • Enjoy Chocolacious bites 🙂

nutella filled chocolate 3

  • I made these to one of my friend. Showing my packed chocolates 🙂

nutella filled chocolate d

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