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I like these crispy noodles cutlets. Easy to make and if you want any thing classy in few minutes then you should go for this recipe. Different lunch box recipe for kids , i am sure your kids will like it.

potato   3 large boiled n mashed
chicken 1/2 cup boiled n shred
cheddar cheese    1/2 cup  shredded or can use 1/4 cup also
black pepper    1 tbsp
noodles /spaghetti    as needed  boiled
egg  1 beaten

In a large bowl mix all ingredients except egg and noodles …make long cutlets and wrap noodles around ,dip in egg and shallow fry them.

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  1. well that is wounderful snack, i am surely gonna try it today …i am always looking for this kinnda cheesy snacks for my kids because these kinna food attract lil kids alot…Thanx for sharing & please sahre more recipes of snaks specially for kids 🙂

    1. sure for more recipes u can visit my page ,in past i ve posted lunch box recipes for kids,u can get a lot of fine recipes for kids…:)

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