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Naan Pizza
In our country we can get naan bread very easily. I am giving you time saving pizza recipe again, just go and get raw naan bread from any bread maker (tandoor) and search in your fridge what you can use for topping and bake it…:) I have done the same, I used bbq sauce for different touch and it was very successful.


Naan bread (shop bought)2 paras
Chicken tikka as needed
Cheeseas needed
Capsicum1 medium
Tomato1 medium
Pizza sauce as needed
Barbeque sauceas needed
oilfor brushing


  • Very simple to make this pizza just bring naan bread from market and grease pizza pan.
  • Roll the bread and place on pan.
  • Spread thin layer of pizza sauce on bread and then bbq sauce.
  • Spread chicken tikka cubes and sliced capsicum, tomato or anything you like to add.
  • Sprinkle cheese and bake them for 10-15 minutes .
  • No measurement required for this pizza , its only depends upon naans you are using.
  • You can use chicken tikka chunks (shop bought) or any leftover mince or chicken . You can have a lot of variations with this pizza.

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