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veggie garden“Backyard gardening can inspire you to take an interest in the origins of your food and make better choices about what you put on your plate,” says Dr. Helen Delichatsios, an internist at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital. “When you grow your own food, you savor it more because of the effort it took to get to the table.”

My Veggie garden inspiration has always been my Mother. Her veggie garden in the backyard was epic.

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Home Gardening was her hobby. I saw her looking after her plants even in her last stage of Cancer. She was the one picking green chillies 15 days before her death.




It’s an inspiring and interesting hobby. Nutritional content of home grown food is worthy of the fun and effort it took to grow.



In my opinion watching veggies grow a bit every day is incredibly rewarding, satisfying and source of immense happiness.


corn2corn                         (corn)

For my mother her hobby was a wonderful activity to relieve stress. Digging in the soil and watching refreshing veggies often takes your mind off stress in your life.

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She was the one who loves to give her home grown veggies to her friends and relatives. I ever saw joyous feeling on her face after giving her precious veggie gifts to her loved ones.



Now i am following her footsteps, i will soon post my experiences of veggie gardening.




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  1. I am sure, you really miss your mother.. the way i miss my father 🙁 May Allah grant them Jannat ul firdaus Ameen 🙂 such a lovely garden 🙂 i am sure you are learning a lot too .. looking forward for your experience 🙂 love Monu

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